South Carolina to Recognize Georgia CCWs

September 13, 2016

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) opened her state to neighboring concealed carry holders by signing a reciprocity law allowing South Carolina to recognize CCWs from Georgia this week.

Haley noted the importance for interstate commuters and tourists being able to conceal carry safely between the two states. Via The Post and Courier:

“No one wants to break the law,” she said. “So if they’ve gotten their CWP in Georgia, we want them to be able to go to the beach in South Carolina and take (their gun) and not worry about anything happening.”

While Georgians only have to pass a background check and pay a fee to obtain a CCW, the gun rights group Georgia Carry has been at work for years expanding where CCW holders could lawfully carry. Thanks to this new law, law-abiding Georgians may now carry in South Carolina.

“I think in some cases Georgia is stricter than South Carolina,” Haley said when asked about the lack of required training in the neighboring state. “But what we did make sure was there are background checks, they do have to go through classes on how they handle a gun, the responsibility of when they can carry a gun and how they handle that accordingly.”

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