Our Enemies Know We're Winning

September 18, 2016

Right this moment, Kamala Harris and her henchmen are trying to upset a pivotal Second Amendment victory that would upset the plans of gun grabbers across the country.

This court decision ruled that access to the commerce of firearms is a Second Amendment right and could ignite a flurry of other pro-gun decisions when cities and counties attempt to place burdensome restrictions on the exercise of a constitutional right.

This victory isn’t just any pro-gun victory.

It’s a pro-gun victory in CALIFORNIA.

Our allies at The Calguns Foundation, along with other gun-rights advocacy groups, filed Teixeira v. Alameda, and were able to persuade the Ninth Circuit that Alameda County’s zoning restrictions on opening new gun stores did in fact infringe county residents’ Second Amendment rights. The Ninth Circuit recommended that the case be heard in federal district court for a proper trial on its merits.

Unhappy with the Ninth Circuit’s decision, Alameda County is attempting to get the case reheard in front of the full judge panel at the Ninth Circuit.

Kamala Harris’ DOJ and other groups, desperate to have a judicial stamp of approval on their zoning scheme, have joined in the case. They know that if the Plaintiffs win, the victory could be used to defeat other attempts to shut down your ability to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

We won’t let the Plaintiffs fight this battle alone.

Just as the Attorney General had their say on CGF’s victory, we will have ours. We’ve enlisted top-flight Second Amendment experts to draft our amicus brief to stand with the Teixeira plaintiffs and convince the court that the Ninth Circuit’s first decision was the correct one.

While Kamala Harris has the backing of the entire anti-gun DOJ on her side, we only have each other.

Our amicus brief will cost $15,000, and it’s due in 15 days.

We are calling on you and the rest of our grassroots network to spare whatever they can so we can file our amicus brief in time to defeat Kamala Harris again and ensure Teixeira gets its day in court.

Please contribute $10, $25, $100 today and know that YOU had ownership in this battle for gun rights.