Kern County High School District to Accept CCWs Applications This Week

August 18, 2016

While Firearms Policy Foundation is hard at work litigating Garcia v. Harris, our lawsuit against the state of California over SB 707’s creation of a privileged class of CCW holders, some counties have taken the initiative themselves and opted out of the ban.

Kern County High School District is accepting applications for CCWs on school ground this week. Via KERO in Bakersfield:

The Kern High School District will begin taking applications from non-employee concealed carry permit holders to carry a firearm on school grounds Wednesday.

Individuals seeking permission can do so through the KHSD Police Department starting August 17.

SB 707 passed under a party line vote in 2015 and eliminated the ability of licensed, law-abiding people to carry or possess handguns on school grounds. The bill concurrently expanded special exemptions for favored (and politically powerful) government employees, including retired law enforcement officers and retired reserve officers, thus creating a privileged class of gun owners in the state.

The law, however, does allow school districts to vote on a district-by-district basis to permit concealed carry on their campuses. Anderson Unified High School District and Kingsburg Joint Union High School District joined Kern High School District in allowing law-abiding citizens to conceal carry.

According to KERO, the KHSD board of trustees is currently considering allowing its employees to carry firearms on campus.